Huck escapes the cabin by sawing a hole in the wall and then taking all the food as well as anything else useful from the house and hiding it in a canoe he had found earlier.  While Huck's father is gone, Huck shoots a pig and spreads the blood around the house.  Then Huck uses an axe to put a hole in the door. Huck made it look like robbers broke into the house and that Huck was murdered.  Huck goes back to his canoe and paddles down the river to a small island where he hides.  This tells us that Huck is a very smart character.  He was creative enough to come up with an elaborate plan, as well as smart enough to set it up so it looked realistic.  The fact that he ran away and made it look like murder also tells us that Huck few bonds where he lived before.  He had friends and people that cared about him, but he ran away from all of them and let them think that he was dead.

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