Huck enjoys living in nature.  He has never liked the strict social rule, and he disliked it when Miss Watson and Widow Douglas tried to civilize him.  Although he is content living by himself near the river, he also misses people.  Huck is really happy when he gets to see Jim even though it startles him that Jim ran away from Miss Watson.  Huck's defiance of social norms when he doesn't turn Jim in also illustrate Huck's lack of caring for society and its rules.  Huck likes not having to deal with rules and society.
12/4/2014 11:12:14 am

Thisbook sucks ass

3/12/2018 08:48:52 am

Lmfao this book lame

3/14/2018 11:00:27 am

I love this book and the top two comments are from HATRS!!!!

Papi chulo
11/10/2018 08:56:02 am

This book makes me wanna hang myself


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